How to Take a Good ID Photo?

How to Take a Good ID

There aren’t too many people who actually like their photos in legal documents. Of course, it’s no reason to get upset, but if you’re planning to take a picture for your ID card or visa in the near future, you’ll definitely find our tips useful.
I want to prove that your ID photo can, in fact, be great! You just have to avoid some of the following mistakes.

Try not to lift your chin

This is one of the most common mistakes: you try to sit straight but lift your chin too high. As a result, it looks like your nostrils are looking straight into the camera. This kind of picture doesn’t look natural, and your position makes your chin look big and “heavy”. Try to relax your shoulders and don’t throw your head back.

Don’t move your head back

Don’t tilt or move your head back. Otherwise, you’ll get a double chin. To make the lower part of your face look better, slightly move your chin forward and lower your head a little.

Avoid a wide smile.

According to modern standards, a wide smile is inappropriate for photos in official documents in most countries. But a soft smile will do — just lift the corners of your mouth slightly.

Don’t frown.

Frowning eyebrows can spoil photos even more than a wide smile can. To avoid doing this, try to slightly lift your eyebrows as if something has surprised you. But make sure not to look too shocked!

Don’t forget about your hair.

Choose a neat look, avoiding fancy hairstyles and bangs that are too long. According to some rules, in certain pictures, your forehead, eyes, and eyebrows shouldn’t be covered. Those who prefer to go bald should make sure their head isn’t too shiny.

Pay attention to your makeup.

Avoid pearlescent eyeshadows and glitter (like glossy lipsticks and highlighters) since they can make you look older in bright light. It’s better to choose matte tones.
Eyebrows and eyelashes also matter. They should be accentuated as they “vanish” in pictures. Your lipstick should be matte and its color should resemble the natural color of your lips. Avoid nude and intense tones.

Choose an appropriate outfit.

As a rule, in most photos, only your face is required, so you don’t have to put on your best clothes. But remember, loud accessories may look strange and big collars or hoods may create an illusion that you have a hump. It’s recommended to choose a shirt or a t-shirt of a dark color.
Is taking ID photos stressful for you? Which tip would you like to try next time?

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