How to Take a Good ID

How to Take a Good ID Photo?

There aren’t too many people who actually like their photos in legal documents. Of course, it’s no reason to get upset, but if you’re planning to take a picture for your ID card or visa in the near future, you’ll definitely find our tips...
Passport Colors in the World

The Reason Why There Are Only 4 Main Passport Colors in the World

It turns out that there are only four primary passport colors in the world, and each country has its own reasons for choosing one of these colors for the cover. I have decided to find...

Visa Facts For Kids

In our visa facts for kids find lots of useful information on visas and permits for immigration to foreign countries. When travelling abroad, the most important item to take along is the passport. And for...

Estonia’s e-Residency Program to Expand in 20 More Countries Worldwide

The e-Residency program, which is currently used in Estonia, will soon be expanded in 20 different countries worldwide, Estonia’s government has announced through a statement. The expansion of e-Resident digital ID cards comes after the...

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