You Shouldn’t Hold In Your Fart

You Shouldn’t Hold In Your Fart, 5 Reasons According to Science

On average, a person farts 15 times a day and that number can go up to 40! Farting is caused by trapped air and bodily gases. While it is a completely normal process, it can be loud and embarrassing at times and that is the reason why most of us try...
How To Reconnect After You Yell At Your Kids

How To Reconnect After You Yell At Your Kids

Sometimes, no matter how positive and peaceful we intend to be… we react. Sometimes we react badly…we yell! we say mean things! we wish for a break!!!!! Then we end up totally disconnected from our...

18 Types of People To Keep Away From Our Life

We all know that humans are social beings who need communication. That’s why throughout our lives, we try to find people close to us in spirit and proudly call them “friends.” But sometimes, it just so happens that our friends are...

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